Take it where practical clients take you to your videos.

No more memorizing or scrutinizing the script.


Do you want to be known in the field and be more active on social media? Have you decided to shoot videos to have much more interaction and more followers than the pictures you’ve shared on your social media accounts to date?

When you come across the camera, isn’t it hard to get an effective speech by gathering what’s on your mind and looking at the lens? It is really hard to speak the long speech texts you take notes without a break in front of the camera.

Perhaps you found the solution by shooting 20-30 seconds of video and combining these short videos with programs? So are these videos you create with hundreds of additions fluent and impressive for the viewers?

Why Pratic Prompter?

Practical prompter no longer memorize transcript or examine the script. You can speak while looking directly at the lens and by interacting directly with your audience. The most effective speech is the one you listen to while you are looking into your eyes.

The versatile Pratic Prompter can be installed for iPad and Tablets, for smartphones and almost all standard video cameras.

No matter how you create a video, tell your story better with Pratic Prompter.