Slide MANAGE THE SCROLLING TEXT WITH OUR CONTROL APP With this application compatible with Android and IOS devices, you will be able to manage the transcript remotely. Thanks to the application, the speech text can be accelerated and slowed remotely or the font size can be changed without interfering with the tablet. Slide YOUR SPEAK IT FITS YOU! Speech Detection System Thanks to the Pratic Prompter speech detection system, your speech text will automatically start to scroll on the screen as you speak. Text flow speeds up when you speak fast and slows down when you speak slowly.



Social Media



Take the practical prompter wherever your videos take you.

No more memorizing or scrutinizing the script.


Do you want to be known in the field and be more active on social media? The images you shared on your social media accounts to date are not enough, and have you decided to shoot videos to engage more and have more followers?

When you come across the camera, isn’t it hard to get an effective conversation by gathering what’s on your mind and looking at the lens? It is really hard to speak the long speech texts you take notes without a break in front of the camera.

Maybe you found the solution by shooting 20-30 seconds of video and combining these short videos? So, are these added videos that you created with a long time and effort fluent and impressive for the viewers?

Why Pratic Prompter?

With the practical prompter, there is no longer to memorize text to speech or examine the script. You can speak directly by interacting with your target audience by looking directly at your camera lens. The most effective speech is the speech that you make while looking into your eyes.

The versatile Pratic Prompter can be installed on iPads and Tablets, smartphones and almost any standard video camera. With voice tracking system and Smart control applications, you can easily make your speech without distraction.

No matter how you create a video, tell your story better with Pratic Prompter.

How does it work?

With Pratic Prompter, you can read your scrolling text on the screen directly by looking at the lens of your camera, that is, by communicating with your target audience in the most effective way. After installing our Pratic Prompter application on your tablet or smartphone, it is sufficient to install your transcript. With our Android and IOS compatible remote control application, you can adjust the speed and size of the text flowing during the conversation. If you wish, thanks to our speech detection system, our Pratic Prompter application will automatically scroll the text as you read the text.

How does it work?

With Pratic Prompter, you can read the text flowing on the screen by looking directly at the lens, that is, by communicating with your target audience in the most effective way. After installing our application on your tablet or smart phone, simply enter your transcript. With our remote control application, you can stop the text flowing during the speech according to your speed if you wish.



Yes, you can use our device with all kinds of tablets and smart phones, thanks to its special glass, you can easily see the screen reflection of the tablet and phone you have put in the chamber while you are talking.

Pratic Prompter camera placement plate is compatible with almost all cameras thanks to its feature of adjustable back and forth, up and down. The screws and nuts you need to connect your camera to the Pratic Prompter are supplied with the product.

Yes, you can easily connect the tripod and Pratic Prompter you have with the screws and nuts we have supplied. The metal screw that you have attached your camera to the tripot is an international standard screw. Under the practical prompter device is the hole through which this screw will enter. Just like you connect your camera to the tripot, you can easily connect the Prompter to the tripot.

Yes, Pratic Prompter IOS and ANDROID applications are available. You can download our prompter application that you can install on your tablet and phone for free. Our remote control and voice monitoring system applications, which you can manage your current application remotely, are paid.

You can use the tablet you put on the device or your phone by downloading our Pratic Promter application for free. However, during your conversation, you will have to go back and forth to adjust your speech speed, stop and restart the text, or zoom in and out. For this reason, our remote control and voice tracking system will save you from this tiring effort. You can watch our video for detailed information on Control and Voice tracking system application detailed information.

Pratic prompter device glass is specially designed and produced in the highest transparency possible to provide the reflection task at the optimum level. Compared to Prompter and Prompter shots, there is a very light image darkening that will never decrease your shooting quality. Of course, there is no tone darkening in outdoor shooting or light shooting. Click here for our cam video.

With Pratic Prompter, you can add the text you want to read with the copy and paste method to the application you have installed on your tablet or smartphone. Font size, color, flow rate of the text and many other features are available in all applications.

Yes, we are making Turkey the ship with cargo containers in each city. Thanks to its specially protected packaging, the glass is delivered to you without breaking. We have an agreement with PTT cargo. Your product is delivered within 1 hour from the order with the motor courier that we have contracted for orders on the European and Asian side of Istanbul.

 Our package dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm, Weight: 5 kg

Pratic Prompter is an all-metal device, it has a specially designed glass with a thickness of only 4 mm. For this reason, damages that may occur other than user error such as breakage, cracking, scratching are almost impossible. The glass is designed to be removable from the device for easy cleaning. In case of glass breakage, glass is sent again for a fee.

In case the shipping and return shipping costs are covered, the product can be returned within 24 hours of delivery. Returns made within 24 hours of delivery will not be accepted.

The ordering system is not yet active on our own website. If a fee is paid to our bank account, your product will be shipped on the same day. We have a payment system at the door with Ptt Kargo. In cases such as credit card payment or installment, you can already order our product through sites such as Gittigidiyor or Hepsiburada.

You can get detailed information about the order by contacting us at

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