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Leftover texts

you don't need to memorize, we make things easy on both sides of the camera.

iPad, Tablet, smartphone and almost all

Can be mounted on standard video cameras.

We are with you in many areas to make your work easier.


Give the most impressive speeches in education


Make the most impressive speeches in healthcare

Social media

Have the most impressive conversations in Social Media


Give the most impressive speeches in journalism


Give the most impressive speeches in production

Take the practical teleprompter wherever your videos take you.

No more memorizing or studying the script.

Why Pratic Teleprompter?

With the practical teleprompter, no more memorizing the text or examining the script. You can talk directly to your target audience by looking directly through the lens of your camera. The most effective speech is the one you make while the audience is looking into your eyes. You can use your time wisely to influence audiences.

The versatile Pratic Teleprompter can be mounted on iPads and Tablets, smartphones and almost any standard camcorder. With the voice tracking system and smart mobile control applications and physical control management, you can easily speak effectively without being distracted.



With Pratic Teleprompter, you can read your scrolling text on the screen by looking directly at the lens of your camera, that is, by communicating with your target audience in the most effective way. After installing our Pratic Teleprompter application on your tablet or smartphone, you just need to upload your transcript. With our Android and IOS compatible remote control application, you can adjust the speed and size of the text flowing during the conversation. If you wish, thanks to our speech detection system, our Pratic Teleprompter application will automatically scroll the text according to your speed while you are reading the text.



Your Questions Answered Here

Can I use Pratic Teleprompter with all kinds of tablets and phones?

Yes, you can use our device with all kinds of tablets and smartphones, thanks to its special glass, you can easily see the screen reflection of the tablet and phone you have placed in the chamber while speaking.

Can any type of camera be connected to the Pratic Teleprompter?

Pratic Teleprompter camera mounting plate is compatible with almost all cameras thanks to its ability to be adjusted up and down. The screws and nuts you need to connect your camera to the Pratic Prompter are shipped with the product.

Can I connect the Pratic Teleprompter to my tripod?

Yes, you can easily connect your tripod and Pratic Teleprompter with the screws and nuts we have provided with the product. The metal screw that you attach your camera to the tripod is an international standard screw. There is a hole under the practical teleprompter device for this screw to enter. As you connect your camera to a tripod, you can easily connect the Prompter to the tripod.

Do you have teleprompter applications for IOS and ANDROID?

Yes, Pratic Teleprompter IOS and ANDROID applications are available. You can download our teleprompter application free of charge, which you can install on your tablet and phone. Our remote control and voice tracking system applications, where you can manage your current application remotely, are paid.

Can we use the Pratic Teleprompter device without purchasing the remote and voice tracking applications?

You can use our Pratic Telepromter application for free on your tablet or phone that you will put on your device. However, during your speech, you will have to constantly go to the device to adjust your speaking rate, pause and restart the text, or zoom in and out. For this reason, our remote control and voice tracking system will save you from this exhausting effort. You can watch our video for detailed information on the control and voice tracking system application.

Do the shots we take with the Pratic Teleprompter come out dark?

Pratic teleprompter device glass is specially designed and produced with the highest possible transparency to provide the optimum level of reflection. There is a very slight blackening of the image that will never degrade your shooting quality when compared to the shots taken with and without the teleprompter. Of course, there is no tonal darkening in shooting outdoors or shooting using light. Click for our glass video.

How do I upload the text to the application I downloaded?

With Pratic Teleprompter, you can copy and paste the text you want to read to the application you have installed on your tablet or smartphone. Font size, color, text flow rate and many similar features are available in all applications.

What are the warranty and return conditions?

The Pratic Teleprompter is an all-metal device, with a specially designed glass that is only 4mm thick. For this reason, it is almost impossible to damage such as breakage, cracking, scratching other than user error. The glass is designed to be removable from the device for easy cleaning. In case of glass breakage, glass will be sent again for a fee.

If the shipping and return shipping costs are covered, the product can be returned within 24 hours of delivery. Returns made after 24 hours will not be accepted.

How can I order?

The order system has been activated on our website. You can buy the product you want from the sales screen in the menu. If the fee is paid to our bank account, your product will be shipped on the same day. We have a payment system at the door with Ptt Cargo.

You can get detailed information about the order by contacting us from our contact information.