Pratic Teleprompter Mobile Application

399,0 +KDV

  • You can download our Pratic Teleprompter App from “Play store” or “App Store”.
    Your transcript that you have uploaded to our application;
  • You can manage it with the “Virtual Controller” in the application, with the “Bloetooth Controller” you will purchase, or with the “Keyboard – Mouse” on your computer.
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  • After the purchase is completed, your Username and Password will be sent to you so that you can log in to our application.
    The amount paid for the product is only the 1-year license fee.
    Your transcripts are stored in the system and automatically loaded on all devices you open the texts on.
    When you install the application on your tablet and phone, the two devices are automatically paired and you can easily manage the text on your tablet from your phone’s control mode.
    Sound Detection System only works on ANDROID devices. For the sound detection system, you need to download the Pratic Prompter Demo application from the Play Store, load the speech text into the application and activate the Sound Detection System after pressing the Play button. For an efficient work, it is recommended to connect a microphone to your phone or tablet and speak your sentences clearly.
    English and Turkish menus are available.If you want to manage your text on your computer, click HERE.
    Click HERE to download the ANDROID app.
    Click HERE to download the iOS app.
    You can also manage the application with the remote by purchasing the Pratic Prompter BLUETOOTH CONTROLLER

    You can watch the virtual controller application demo in the video below.